01.05 - 03.05.2004






After the night at the camping site in Uitidam we covered a few kilometers and found ourselves in Marken. The fishing village is located on an island and is connected with land with a dike on which there is a road.

We left our car on the paid parking place at the edge of the village. Only the citizens can go further. As it was early morning there weren’t many tourists and the citizens of Marken haven’t opened theirMarken souvenir stores yet. We were going along narrow paths to sightsee the village. The first thing we noticed were colorful houses built on elevations. 

Marken in the morning sun with all the water channels coming through was a fairy view. The small fishing harbor and the market square at the church are charming. But the most incredible thing are houses and their decorations. Many of the houses are decorated with small things, flowers and plants. So there are flowers planted in galvanized buckets, figures of animals, ‘accidentally’ spread cones, wicker shoes with pansies and many others. 

But the most original decoration is the one that does not look as decoration at all. It looks like a Marken two-year-old child were standing on a chair peeping through the window at its parents. Of course, this child is a doll dressed and posed this way but you can see that this is just a decoration only if you get closer. In addition, from the street we could see a man at home reading a newspaper in his living room. Where else you can see such incredible pictures if not in Marken.

We went round the village to see how the citizens of Marken live. We saw a different world, very colorful, calm and interesting one, the one where you would like to stay forever. Except for pictures taken in the village we also took some bread bought in a small bakery in Marken.


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