01.05 - 03.05.2004






There is a village Kinderdijk near Rotterdam that is famous for the windmills. Wooden windmills can be come across the whole Holland but this is the only place in the land of tulips but also in the world where there are so many of them. That is why Kinderdijk was placed on the UNESCO list ofKinderdijk the world heritage.

Thanks to proper signs along the roads it was easy to get to Kinderdijk. A huge, free parking place just a few hundred meters from the windmills was organized for tourists. Although there is one more parking place at the entrance of the place where the windmills are, it is quite small and crowded. It’s better to leave our car on the previous one and take a walk. It lets us know a little bit more about how the Dutch people live. And that’s all because there are no curtains at windows of one-storied houses. any passer-by can look inside. There are also small things put at the windows to grab passers-by’s attention.

Access to the polder area, where the windmills are located, is free. It can be seen on foot or by bike using the path between the water channels at which the windmills are located. Other way to get know this place is to travel by boat, which floating on the channel passes the windmills. Kinderdijk Unfortunately, we came a few minutes after the boat went away so we had no choice but long, pleasant walk.

In Kinderdijk there are 19 windmills but as we discovered it is hard to count them. That’s because they are located on a huge area and the windmills which are closer hide these in a distance. Finally, we managed to count all the 19. One of the windmills can be watched inside but you have to pay. Thanks to those windmills all the area looks like in fairy-tale. One would like to stay here and live in one of there windmills for a while. So far, we have to enjoy the nigh at the camping site which we go to.


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