01.05 - 03.05.2004




Gates of the Kaukenhof Garden are opened at 8 a.m. and we managed to be there just a few minutes later. The parking place was just letting first cars in and it was a nice, calm morning. The queue to the cash desk was not that long and a few moments later we found ourselves in the world of tulips.

The huge are with paths is covered with millions of tulips of different colors and species. The beauty of this place is even more astonishing with its ponds, trees and magnificently shaped flower-beds.Keukenhof Tulips, which are the symbol of Holland, nowhere else look so fantastic as in Keukenhof. Many bulbs of the same species of tulips planted one by one expose the beauty of these flowers even more.

In the garden there is a pond with a unique foot-bridge, which requires courage to be crossed. Watched from a distance it looks as if there were round wooden tiles floating on the water. In fact, they are attached to the bottom so they do not move at all and it is absolutely safe to stand on them. The floating platforms are about 20 centimeters from each other so you just have to do one step to move to another part of the foot-bridge.

Children were also not forgotten, there is a small farm with hens, ducks, sheep, peacocks and goats for them. Nearby we can find another symbol of Holland – a wooden windmill which is Keukenhof available for sightseeing. From the terrace you can admire the whole fields of tulips which grow outside the park. As our fields are grown with grain, then fields of Kaukenhof are grown with tulips.

The Kaukenhof Garden can be watched for a few hours or you can spend all day long there but there were other attractions waiting for us so we went towards exit. Now we appreciated how nice it was to walk in the morning when there aren’t so many visitors yet. At the exit there was such a huge crowd that all the pleasure was over. Buses used to come with thousands of tourists who wanted to find themselves in the tulip paths of Kaukenhof. So we went towards Rotterdam.


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