01.05 - 03.05.2004




The first time I was in Holland was in 1995. Then the Keukenhof Garden and a short visit in Amsterdam were my targets. Nine years later I was to enter the land of tulips, I just wish it wasn’t so short once more.

Having two days and a half along with the vision of such a long travel I had to have nearly each hour planned. Regarding the little amount of time we had we decided to give up the visit in the capitalHolland Tulips city and take a look at other attractions around Amsterdam and Rotterdam. We planned to visit the Keukenhof Park once more, sightsee Kinderdijk where there are 19 wooden windmills, walk around the fishing village on the Marken Island and visit the heritage park in Zaanse Schans.

As we were to spend one night in Holland we decided to look for information about accommodation in the net. Unfortunately, it was extremely hard to find any information about places to sleep and prices of hotel rooms were unacceptable for us. On the other hand, we didn’t want to waste our time to look for a nights lodging in Holland. Then we took a tent with us and plant to spend the night on the camping site in Uitdam near Amsterdam.

The travel from Wroclaw to Amsterdam took us thirteen hours including a three-hour rest. Once more we have appreciated German and Dutch motorways which make moving from point A to point B much easier. Lack of the queue on the border with Germany was also a great facilitation (we crossed the border one day after Poland joined the European Union).

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