E-cards is a place from which you may send virtual cards to your friends. You can choose from postcards, cards with flowers and pictures from my journeys. All the e-cards are sent directly to the receiver as an e-mail with the content and a picture attached. If you want to know how such e-card would look like in the receiver’s e-mail box, see an example here.

Postcards are the original e-cards which remind traditional postcards with towns. On the basis of my own pictures I create postcards which can be sent only via Internet. Send the virtual cards as greetings from the places where you are spending your holidays or from the town where you live.

The most frequently sent e-cards are those for name-day, birthday, anniversaries, weddings and for your love. For such occasions I prepared cards with flowers. Send virtual flowers and real wishes via e-card. The persons who receive such emails will enjoy virtual cards and flowers.

Also the pictures from many of my journeys which are placed in the gallery can be sent as an e-card. The photos are divided according to a place where they were takes. Most of the photographs are of 400x300 resolution. In order to send the e-card with a photo just click the icon below the picture.